Code of conduct

To protect and safeguard the territory of the Nature Park Lastovo Islands, kindly adhere to the rules and regulations as summarized below:

  • it is prohibited to stay inside the Nature Park without a valid ticket or permit (vignette),
  • sport or recreational fishing is prohibited without an appropriate licence as well as underwater fishing outside the designated zones and overnight fishing, as well as fishing with underwater rifle and with artificial breathing apparatus,
  • it is prohibited to light a fire,
  • visitors/cyclists are allowed to move only in areas and along paths that are marked and designated for sightseeing and visiting,
  • it is prohibited to throw any refuse, except in suitable containers,
  • it is prohibited to collect and destroy flora,
  • it is prohibited to destroy and collect minerals and other geological structures,
  • camping is prohibited, except in areas that are designated for the purpose and properly marked,
  • it is prohibited to destroy, damage, collect or steal any type of object from the archaeological sites from both land and sea, ruins and historical finds, fossils, parts of monuments and sculptures,
  • it is prohibited to discard cigarette butts,
  • it is prohibited to disturb the animals.