Discover Nature park Lastovo Islands

Every Thursday organized a boat tour  around the park . During this tour, you will see the richness of natural and cultural values ​​and get to know the way of life of the inhabitants, the history and traditional activities of the island of Lastovo.

The route cruises along the northern side of the island across the coves of Kručice, Zaklopatice, Mihajla, Lučice, Zace, towards the Lastovnjaci archipelago. Shorter stops on the islet of Mladina in the Saplun bay are planned, where you can enjoy swimming and diving. On your way back, you will discover the coves of the southern side of the island, among which are Skrivena Luka, with the Struga lighthouse, which dates back to 1863, and the remains of military facilities in the Vejo Sea cove. While approaching your destination, you will pass by the Makarac islet, with the church of St. Raphael (15th century) in Vejo Lago, and you will finish your journey by passing through the islands of Prežba and Mrčara to Pasadur.

The picturesque fishing huts, the nesting spots of the grey hawk, the underwater springs, habitats of the shearwater, sunken ships, meadows of posidonia, corals, lobsters and the gold coral will round off the story that our nature conservators will introduce you to.

We invite you to sail with us into the unique experience of the island of Lastovo and the “Lastovo Islands” Nature Park.

We recommend that you take:

– a hat

– sunglasses

– sun block with an SPF

– snorkeling equipment

– a bathing suit and a towel

– water or another drink.

Price per person is 200 kuna, minimum 5 persons and maximum 10 persons.