Educational trail “Via the present to the past”

Educational trail “Via the present to the past”

The educational trail “Through the present into the past” passes through significant habitats rich in plant and animal species – the woods of Aleppo pine and evergreen oak, flooded fields, vineyards and olive groves, and the town of Lastovo.

If you take this trail, you will be introduced to the natural and cultural features of the island of Lastovo with the help of educational boards. Also, you can enjoy the pleasant views of the nearby fields and nature.

Since 2005, Lastovo has been protected by the Ministry of Culture as a cultural historical unit due to its unique Renaissance architecture and its amphitheatric form of construction. In the town itself, there are more protected immovable cultural assets such as some of the churches, houses, fortresses and the location of the Lastovo Poklad – a protected intangible cultural asset.

The educational trail “Via the present to the past”, which passes through the town of Lastovo, brings together natural beauties with a valuable cultural heritage, leading you through the places where the social and cultural life of the people of Lastovo took place.


DURATION: 2 hours

DIFFICULTY: walking trail of medium difficulty