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The Lastovo Archipelago was declared a nature park by the Croatian Parliament on 29 September 2006. It is the eleventh nature park in Croatia.

The Park consists of 44 islands, islets, rocks and reefs (the largest of them are Lastovo and Sušac) covering a total area of 53 square kilometres of land and 143 square kilometres of sea. Its borders are lit by the stone lighthouses of Sušac, Tajan, Glavat and Struga.

The Lastovo Archipelago was declared a nature park due to its mystic beauty, immense landscape value, thick forests and fertile fields rich with ponds, high coastal cliffs, land and sea caves, numerous rare sea and land species and habitats.

The Lastovo Archipelago has a rich cultural and historical heritage – numerous stone churches and chapels, picturesque chimneys and the traditional Lastovo Carnival, but one must not forget local inhabitants, who prove that the coexistence of man and nature is possible with developed environmental awareness, so

THANK YOU for protecting this undisturbed gem of the Adriatic!

AREA: 196 km2 (land: 53 km2 , sea: 143 km2)





The Croatian Parliament declared the Lastovo Archipelago a nature park on 29 September 2006 and adopted the Act on the Declaration of the Lastovo Archipelago a Nature Park on 3 October 2006.

The Croatian Government adopted the Regulation on the Foundation of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park Public Institution on 23 November 2006. The Institution was registered at the Commercial Court in Dubrovnik on 24 January 2007.

The head office of the Institution is at Trg Sv. Petra 7 (7 St. Peter’s Square), in Ubli, on the island of Lastovo. There is also an info point in the ferry port of Ubli, which operates only in summer.


Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park Public Institution

Javna ustanova Park prirode ˝Lastovsko otočje˝

Trg Svetog Petra 7

20289 Ubli

the Island of Lastovo

Phone: (0)20 801-252

Fax: +385 (0)20 801 252

E-mail: info@pp-lastovo.hr

Web: www.pp-lastovo.hr

OIB: 15186719674

IBAN: HR8223300031100374278

Working hours of the head office: Monday- Friday, 07:00 – 15:00

Accommodation and Activities

Good accommodation, home-made food and great locally produced wines, good conditions for sports and recreation (hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling, recreational fishing, canoeing…) guarantee a pleasant stay on Lastovo. Boat trips to the islands of Saplun (Mladine), Mljet and Palagruža are especially interesting, as is the sightseeing of the Lastovo Nature Park by sea.

The Lastovo Night, Lastovo Culture Summer and a music festival are some of the events taking place in July and August.

Scooters, bicycles or motor boats can be rented on Lastovo and there are two scuba diving schools here, as well.

For all information regarding accommodation you can contact the Lastovo Municipality Tourist Board or visit their website.

Useful information

Rules of Behaviour

To preserve and protect the natural beauties of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park, the following activities are prohibited:

• recreational fishing without an appropriate licence, underwater spear gun fishing at night and spear gun fishing with oxygen tanks

• catching and collecting shellfish and other sea organisms and taking them out of the water

• picking and damaging plants

• damaging and stealing minerals and other cave formations

• camping outside of designated areas

• building open fires

• littering – both in the sea and on land (a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose)

• throwing cigarette butts on the ground

• ruining, damaging, picking or stealing any objects on culture monuments and at archaeological sites (in the sea or on land) – remains of various cultures, archaeological and fossil remains

• disturbing animals

– Each visitor must possess a valid entrance ticket

– Nature Park rangers provide immediate protection in the Park and are also authorized to charge on-the-spot fines in case of violations of the provisions of the Internal Order Regulations of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park and the Nature Protection Act.

– Independent scuba diving is only permitted in the organization and under leadership of a scuba diving centre, which has obtained a permission from the Institution

– DIVE RESPONSIBLY ! – If possible, dock your vessel instead of anchoring and do not anchor in the meadows of Neptune Grass (Posidonia oceanica). When diving, watch your moves and equipment and take care that you do not damage and disturb sea organisms. Please go out of the sea only with what you have brought in with you.

– Recreational fishing is only permitted with a previously obtained licence issued by the Public Institution. Recreational fishing licence allows the holder to fish using the following fishing gears: “odmet” handline, “kančanica” handline, troll line, handline with a hook crown for cephalopod (squid) fishing and underwater spear gun (underwater spear gun fishing is permitted at 5 designated locations: Mrkjenta Bijela rock, Mrkjenta Crna rock, Kopište, Pod Kopište and Bijelac). The allowed maximum daily catch is 5 kg per licence.

THE INTERNAL ORDER REGULATIONS OF THE LASTOVO ARCHIPELAGO NATURE PARK were published in the Narodne Novine official gazette No. 154 on 23 December 2009 and they came into effect eight days after they were published.

These Regulations regulate the issues and prescribe measures pertaining to the protection, preservation, enhancement and use of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park and other issues related to the internal order in the Nature Park. The Regulations were adopted by the Management Board of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park Public Institution with the consent of the Ministry and prior opinion of the central state administration authority in charge of agriculture, forestry and water management. The Ministry supervises the legality of activities and general documents of public institutions managing protected areas.

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