The climate

Thanks to its position, the Lastovo archipelago has a mild Mediterranean climate, the climate of olives. It is one of the sunniest islands of the Adriatic, which is proven by an average 2700 hours of sunshine a year. The average January temperature is 8.3 ºC, while the average August temperature is 24.9 ºC. The mild summer temperature lasts deep into the autumn, which makes the autumn warmer than the spring. The most frequent type of precipitation is rain; it rarely hails, and snow is a rare occurrence. Humidity is an important factor for the vegetation, which makes up for the rain during the dry season. The median annual air humidity is 68%.

The wind rose is dominated by the sirocco (south-eastern wind) and maestral (north-western wind), but the bora (north-eastern wind), the leveche (south-western wind), the ponente (strong western wind), the tramontane (northern wind) and the levant (eastern wind) are also frequent.