We recommend the following cycling routes:

UBLI-LASTOVO – length of the route: 9.45 km, surface: asphalt, difficulty: 3/5

LASTOVO-PORTORUS – length of the route: 7,25 km, surface: asphalt, difficulty: 3/5

PASADUR-UBLI-PASADUR – length of the route: 9.7 km, surface: asphalt-macadam, difficulty: 2/5

LASTOVO-ZACE – length of the route: 5.05 km, surface: asphalt-macadam, difficulty: 2/5

LASTOVO-BARJE – length of the route: 4.9 km, surface: asphalt, difficulty: 2/5

LASTOVO-BOZONJI DO-KRUŠEVA NJIVA-PRGOVO-LASTOVO – length of the route: 12.8 km, surface: asphalt-macadam, difficulty: 4/5

UBLI-HOM – length of the route: 5.5 km, surface: asphalt-macadam, difficulty: 5/5


There are more than 200 km of hiking trails on Lastovo; since there are no venomous snakes on the island, walking and hiking is the ideal way to enjoy the nature. All walking and hiking trails are marked with wooden signposts; please stay on the marked trails!

Here are some recommended routes:

  • Route Skrivena luka – church of St. Cyprian, app. 1.2 km
  • Route Dovin do – Rača cave app. 1.5 km
  • Ubli – Lastovo (old forest route) app. 7 km
  • Lastovo – cave Pod Veji vrh app. 1 km
  • Lastovo – Kaštel app. 0.3 km
  • Sozanj – Vrh Soznja app. 0.3 km
  • Zaklopatica – Korita app. 0.8 km
  • Zaklopatica – Lastovo app. 2.5 km
  • Educational trail “Via the present to the past” – app. 6.4 km
  • Route church: Lastovo – St. Saviour – St. Cosmas – St. Barbara – St. Elijah – St. Mary – St. Martin – St. Michael – Lastovo app. 5 km
  • Lastovo – St. Nikola – Zace app. 3 km
  • Dubrova – Veji pjevor – Hum app. 3 km
  • Lastovo – Bučen dolac – Kruševa njiva – Veja lokva – Studenac – Pojice – Skrivena luka app. 7 km


The underwater of the Lastovo archipelago is rich in flora and fauna, as well as many archaeological sites. Hidden passages and caves, and the diversity of the underwater are perfect for divers. The most attractive diving sites are Seka Drašan on the north-eastern side of the island, the Petrovac shallow with a protected underwater archaeological site, the Bijelac islet, which hides the underwater passage through the island, the Tajan islet, with an underwater cave, and the Struga cliff, with interesting flora and cliffs up to 80 m deep.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting tourism is organized by the “Jastreb” Hunting Society of Lastovo, which is the holder of hunting rights for the common hunting ground 19/108 Lastovo. The hunting ground is populated by small game. The hunt for the Eurasian woodcock is the most attractive.

You can fish on your own. Recreational and sport fishing is allowed only with a previously obtained license issued by the Lastovo Islands Nature Park Public Institution.


The image of the Milky Way and of millions of stars that leave the observers breathless was confirmed in 2008 by Slovenian astrographers Mikuz Herman and Andrej Mohar, who announced that Lastovo is the location with the most beautiful starry sky in Europe thanks to the distance from the mainland and all possible pollution. For this purpose, on the island of Lastovo all public lighting has been replaced by ecological lighting with 0% emissions to the sky. Lastovo has one of the darkest skies in Europe and, in addition to the Milky Way, which can be seen with the naked eye, it is possible to see other galaxies with a weaker telescope.