Sports events

Regatta of Parks – The race of sailors starts from the Gargano National Park in Italy and ends in the Nature Park Lastovo Islands. Apart from promoting sailing as a sport, the regatta connects the natural beauties of Croatia and Italy, develops cooperation and encourages socialization of sea lovers from the two regions of the Adriatic.

Lastovo Trail – a trail running race that takes place during the summer period. It is divided into two categories that have symbolic names, “The Small Chimney” and “The Big Chimney”. Both paths lead through olive groves, fertile vineyards toward the sea passing by many small churches of Lastovo. The race ends in Mihajlo Bay. For more information about the race and the dates, please visit Facebook page “Lastovo trail”.

The International Autumn Race of Saints Cosmas and Damian

Every year the race takes place on 26 September on the occasion of the day of the Municipality of Lastovo and its patrons Saints Cosmas and Damian. The participants are divided into two groups (children and adults). They start and finish the race in the centre of the city of Lastovo, passing through the city of Lastovo and its surrounding fields.

Cultural events

Culture Summer

The Cultural Summer on the island of Lastovo takes place from June to October. The Municipality of Lastovo, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Lastovo and the public institution “Nature Park Lastovo Islands” together with various associations and other entities organise various events where you can enjoy traditional Dalmatian music and folklore, taste local delicacies or buy souvenirs.

“Lastovo Under the Stars” (LUZ – Lastovo u zvijezdama) is a manifestation of ecological nature intended for all generations. During the festival, the visitors can listen to music, participate in various educational workshops or watch movies and observe the starry sky. For more information on the festival, consult the Facebook site LUZ – Lastovo u zvijezdama.

Lastovo Island of Music is a music festival that brings together many famous musicians every year. The festival takes place in Mihajlo Bay and lasts for 4 days. For more information about the musicians and the date of the festival please visit Facebook page “Lastovo otok glazbe”.

Municipality day

Every year, on 26 September, the Municipality of Lastovo celebrates its patrons, Saints Cosmas and Damian who, according to a legend, were twin brothers who lived in Anatolia.