The Lastovo Islands Nature Park is managed by the Public Institution Nature Park Lastovo Islands, the seat of which is located in Ubli. The public institution was founded by the Government of the Republic of Croatia by adopting the Regulation establishing the Public Institution Lastovo Islands Nature Park (Official Gazette 130/2006), pursuant to Article 3 of the Act establishing the Lastovo Islands Nature Park (Official Gazette, no. 111/2006) and Article 72(2) of the Nature Protection Act (Official Gazette, no. 70/2005). The institution was registered with the competent Commercial Court in Dubrovnik on 24 January 2007.

The seat of the institution is located in Ubli, the island of Lastovo, Trg Sv. Petra 7, and information points, which are open only during the summer, are located in Ubli, Lastovo and Skrivena Luka.

The Institution is managed by the management board, which adopts all important documents and makes all decisions. It comprises five members designated by the Minister of Environment and Energy, and makes its decisions at sessions of the Management Board.

The members of the management board of the Lastovo Islands Nature Park are:

Mira Maver Čuljak, chairperson

Ana Kovačević, member

Lucija Susović, member

Lucija Kapiteli Rakić, member

Bruna Rizvanović, member

The operation of the institution is managed by a director appointed by the minister.

The director of the Lastovo Islands Nature Park Public Institution is Miro Maričević, dipl. ing. agr.