Moorings of the Public Institution Nature Park Lastovo Islands are located at the following locations:

  1. Saplun bay – mooring for 12 boats up to 20 meters; moorings in a row, on the north side of the Mladine island where the Saplun bay is located,
  2. Skrivena luka bay – mooring for 15 boats, 13 boats up to 20 meters and 2 boats up to 30 meters in the middle of the bay; moorings in a row,
  3. Škoj od Zaklopatice – mooring for 15 boats up to 20 meters; moorings in a row, the boats are accommodated perpendicular to southern coast of the island,
  4. Vejo Lago bay – mooring for 15 boats; 13 boats up to 20 meters and 2 boats up to 30 meters; moorings in a row; mooring is located on the northern side of the Makarac island in the Vejo Lago bay,

Each mooring has two buoys of the same colour and the same number of mooring place will be placed on each of them. Each mooring place has its two buoys or two anchor lines (bow and stern). Choosing which of the two buoys or two anchor lines to be used for the bow is carried out on the basis of the wind situation when arriving at the berth but, if possible, it is better to use a buoy or anchor line at the side of the exit of the bay or mooring for bow line. The double-sided anchorage works so that the boat is moored on the anchor line that holds downwind (or downcurrent), no matter whether it is on the bow or stern, and the upwind anchor line is released as needed to lower the lateral sway of the boat. If the wind situation on the mooring completely changes, and the aforementioned downwind anchor line becomes and an upwind line, this line must be tightened and the one that has been tightened should be appropriately released. If needed, the boat can rotate around its axis by means of aligned mooring of stern line into bow line and bow line into stern line. It is also noted that the berths are dimensioned according to the size of the vessels indicated in the situation, and placing larger ships at berths intended for smaller boats would endanger the safety of the mooring. In the case of weather forecasts predicting winds exceeding 20m/s the boats must be removed from the mooring.

Whereas the Nature Park Lastovo Islands is an area with a ​​strict protection of the underwater, structure of the mooring as described above, is the only environmentally acceptable solution. Moreover, by setting buoys for the mooring of boats, illegal anchoring, and thus endangering the sea vegetation, is prevented. Posidonia beds are the most important coastal ecosystem in the Mediterranean Sea and they grow in areas with extremely high concentration of human activity. Anchoring vessels in posidonia beds significantly damages the network of posidonia layers, which then become susceptible to destruction caused by waves. In addition, they become affected by other invasive species, which, among other things, are transmitted over the nautical anchors.


Pursuant to Article 8(3) Ordinance on the Terms and Methods of Maintaining Order in Ports and Other Parts of Internal Waters and Territorial Sea of the Republic of Croatia, when the vessel is at the anchor, the crew consisting of the members performing services on the vessel at sea, shall be on board.

Skica sidrišta u uvali Vejo lago
Skica sidrišta u uvali Zaklopatica
Skica sidrišta u uvali Skrivena luka



No. Vessel length  Valid Price
1. Up to 10,00 m  Purchased per day is valid until 12:00 noon on the following day 130,00 kn
2. From 10,01 – 20,00 m  Purchased per day is valid until 12:00 noon on the following day 220,00 kn
3. From 20,01 – 30,00 m  Purchased per day is valid until 12:00 noon on the following day 370,00 kn

VAT included

The price of the mooring does NOT include a ticket for the Nature Park Lastovo Islands

The price list valid from January 1, 2022

*Anchoring allowed with the assistance of authorized Public Institution officer otherwise any responsibility for boat safety will not be accepted – Contact 00 385 (0)20 801 252